The Power of Non-Violent Communication - Field of Study

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  • Published : May 7, 2013
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First of all, Electronics Engineering is my field of study, it would be typical that workers go to houses to replace, install or fix any issues with electronics devices. To illustrate this better, if a customer is having difficulties with the installation of their internet router, they will call the company responsible and the company may send one or two technicians that will follow the problem through and figure out what is the most likely problem and finally fix it. Electronics Engineering is a field that requires the interaction of both customer and technicians, it is essential that they both cooperate in order to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Furthermore, Non-Violent Communication is strictly essential in this type of career, if there is aggression, the problem will see less likely to be solved, by proper communication this only can be solved, electronics is a field in which technical issues are difficult to fix because you actually cannot see what is happening in most of the electronic devices, by taking all this in consideration, both technicians and customer need to speak clearly and help each other. For instance, the technician could make a list of the most likely problem by using the help of the customer who has been in touch with the specific device, this could mean that if a customer is asking why his console XBOX 360 is not working, by helping each other, maybe the answer that they come up is that the customer accidentally fell the device off on the ground or spread water on it and it burned the processor or the hard drive of the device. Also, there is the need of taking into consideration that this problem is less likely to get detected because it is an internal problem of the device and also that the technician will never imagine that reason why the device is not working is because the action that the customer performed.

Moreover, I am pretty confident that Non-Violent Communication has a place in my future workplace and field of...
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