Dissecting the Problem

Topics: Problem solving, Brainstorming, Problem Pages: 1 (363 words) Published: July 14, 2011
Dissecting the Problem

Dissecting the Problem
Anthony Haskins
I.T. /284
Professor Edythe Doe

Dissecting the Problem

Conflict resolution Strategies Help minimizes the time required for problem solving computer support issues. Some people do not know what a support desk worker goes through when it comes to dealing with the public. Computer support specialists normally work in well-lighted, comfortable offices or computer laboratories. Most work about 40 hours a week dealing with different attitudes and that requires a person to be able to adjust to the way a person is acting that minute. I know it sounds strange but this is how a support desk person handles his or her work for that day. I am going to tell you of for ways that the support desk person handles a day’s work in order for them not to get stressed out. Number (1) Raise the issue Ask question about what is wrong so you can correct the problem quickly. Number (2) Discover the Underlying Interests what this is that the customer wants their computer fixed and hope that you can do it your job is to assure them that you are going to do everything possible to fix their computer for them. Number (3) Discover the Underlying Interests this means for you and the customer to brainstorm meaning for you to ask them what they was doing when the computer messed up and try to fix it from what they tell you. Last but not least (4) Develop Agreements Based on Objective Standards, you and the customer just was brainstorming as to what they was doing when the computer messed up and you are doing what you can to fix it and it worked and the customer is happy and you are still talking with them as you work to show that you are trying to assure them that they will not have anymore problems and you just walk them through what you did so that can have a idea of the work you just performed on their computer. When this is all over they can feel that they just meet a friend and a great technician.
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