Non Violence and Way It Is Morally Right

Topics: Human rights, Law, United States Pages: 4 (1424 words) Published: June 5, 2013
Philosophy 213 - Ethics
Final Writing Assignment
“Non-Violence” and its Powerful Statement on Rights and Morality The statue looks like the final chapter in a Warner Brothers cartoon; Bugs Bunny has finally gotten the best of Elmer Fudd. Instead of destroying the gun with a finger down the barrel, resulting in a face full of soot for the violent hunter, it looks like the famous rabbit decided to gift wrap the weapon. The bullet would likely end up shooting towards the air, hitting a branch, and knocking out the violent man who aimed to murder with it. While the statue is no cartoon, it did have a barrel intentionally made to look ridiculous. The size far exceeds what would be required on a normal handgun; the artist, Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd, claims that this bit of humor and ridiculousness was purposeful. Humor often has more of an impact than something based on only cold hard facts; the latter can sometimes make humanity feel uncomfortable. The statue has a lot to say about both morality and rights; it is best to first explain both its presence and origins. The statue of the gun exceeds the size of any normal fire-arm; it is positioned on a large marble plinth within reach of tourists and travelers. The original version of the statue was casted in Luxembourg in 1980; the one in the gardens at the United Nations was one of the first three replicas to be cast (cite). The knotted-gun, and hopefully its message, has now been spread to nearly 30 locations world-wide. While smaller than other monuments in the garden, there are twelve promoting similar things, the metal-gun holds a message just as powerful. Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd was prompted to make the statue of the .45 caliber pistol after the assassination of his friend John Lennon; the two guns, the one in the garden at the United Nations and the one used to kill the Beatle, are almost identical in all but caliber. The one used to assassinate John Lennon was a .38 caliber. The statue will...
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