The Planet in Peril

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  • Published : March 6, 2010
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The Planet in Peril

Good Afternoon, My name is Ashley and I will be speaking on our planet and the dangers that we are facing everyday and have no clue about it. Our planet is in major crises economically and physically.

Everyday we hear more bad news about our planet. Reports tell us that wildlife and forests are disappearing at an alarming rate. Newscasts give the latest word on how quickly earth is losing its protective shield and warming up. Newspapers grieve over the pollution of our air, water, and soil. What can we do in the face of such widespread gloom?

Natural disasters are a major factor in their disappearance, but the most prominent factor is mankind. Even though procedures are conducted daily to preserve our home, these areas slowly crumble within our grasps. Protection of these areas is essential, as our whole race depends upon resources derived from these lands.      

From the lush greenery to the sparkling blue waters, all is majestic in its fullest. This is why I believe almost all of these wonderful places should be preserved. Mankind has come too far to throw it all away for his greedy purposes. Many believe that our secluded wildlife areas should be available for the public. But what is to be offered through this? Many recreational activities I presume, but what about our biggest environmental concern - pollution.

Pollution is so widespread throughout our world that it is overwhelming. Drinking water supplies are contaminated with runoff from nearby factories and even with pollutants from our own backyards. Demands of skyscrapers and condominiums wipe out our decreasing rainforests. This attempts wildlife from its natural home and into the chaos that is ours. Millions of acres of beautiful land are destroyed daily to satisfy the needs of mankind.

For example, saving and recycling newspapers has a number of positive results. First, recycling newspaper saves trees. The average American consumes about 120 pounds of newsprint...
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