A Planet in Danger

Topics: Global warming, Atmosphere, Earth Pages: 1 (504 words) Published: May 25, 2014
The planet in danger

I recognized how our world is in danger. I had always pictured the earth to be a wonderland with perfect habitats of luscious plants and animals. But I now realized that this world is not as perfect as I thought. Humans have been living on this planet for two million years and in the last two hundred years, humans have made a mess of the planet: chopped trees, killed animals, polluted air, water and soil. The twentieth century was the century of a huge scientific- technical revolution and progress in whole spaces of industry and life. It was the century that created the nuclear and hydrogen bombs, modern planes and spaceships, and computerized all developed civilization. It was the century when life was improved, elaborated, and made more modern. In spite of so much progress and as a result of people’s actions, new problems were born. Scientists considered global warming, or the greenhouse effect, to be one of the most serious problems in the modern world. Global warming means there is gradually increasing temperature on the earth, and consequently climate changing. Global warming is the result of human actions. The atmosphere is changing, and the ozone layer is under the threat from chemicals that people use on the earth. The amount of using fossil fuels, such as oil, gas, coal, and deforestation produces carbon dioxide.

The global warming, as a result of man- made pollution, will increase not only temperature, but will change all life conditions. Permanent flooding, droughts (susa), contamination of fresh drinking water, fires, and storms will destroy plants crops and cause massive deforestation. The main basis of the food supply will be crushed. It will cause the death of animals, birds, insects, and people too. Forests produce and supply the earth with oxygen. Any changes in this area will cause big changes in the life of many organisms. Furthermore, these changes will cause subsequent ozone layer depletion (trosenje), increasing...
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