Save the Earth, Save Mankind

Topics: Carbon dioxide, Earth, Global warming Pages: 2 (739 words) Published: March 24, 2013
Good morning Miss and my fellow classmates. Today, I would like to talk to you about topic on “save the earth and save mankind”. My dearest audience, imagine it’s after class now and you’re heading back to your car under the bright hot sun. After you get in the car, you grab some tissue and wipe all your sweat. What would you do after using the tissue? Well, let’s be frank. We wind down the window and just throw them outside. It is fun doing it when you see no cars behind or beside you. Let’s pollute the earth and hopefully clog the drain. We would love to swim in the flood. Next, imagine you just woke up from your sleep, went to wash up while leaving the air conditioner on. After washing up, you feel like having a cold soft drink in your room. So you open up the fridge saw some chocolate bar, hesitate a while, grab a can of soft drink and went back to your room. While you’re about to step into your room, you feel like having a bar of chocolate, so you go back to the fridge, get a bar of chocolate and went upstairs. Now the most enjoyable magical moment in this morning is the moment you step into your room. With a can of soft drinks, a bar of chocolate and most importantly is the cold enjoyable CFC releasing room. What more to ask in such relaxing morning? Imagine your friend called you up and he asked you to come over to his walking distance house. What would you do? Well of course you start your car and drive to his house because it is an irrational act to walk to your friend’s house. Reason because you’ll be a victim to kidnappers? Unfortunately no, but something even worse than being kidnapped, it is because the sun will melt you down and the distance will break your leg. Let’s drive more and burn more fuel to release more carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide to the air. Who says we cannot fight god’s creation? We can increase the earth temperature and defeat mother earth with greenhouse effect! Imagine you’re a person with the authority to voice out in your...
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