The Persian Carpet

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The Persian Carpet

In life, all relationships need many important elements to overcome difficulties and challenges which may break those relationships and separate members. “The Persian Carpet” by Hanal Al-Shayk shows that there has to be trust, commitment and communication between members in order for relationship to strengthen. This becomes obvious when looking at narrative elements in the story such as character and conflict. Firstly, the conflict between the father and the mother leads to their divorce and separate their children because the trust and communication does not exist between them. Secondly, the main character, the daughter, destroys her connections with her mom because she thinks her mom is the carpet thief; she even does not ask to verify yet. Finally, Ilya is sentenced to leave the village because he does not say anything to save himself. Therefore, trust, commitment and communication are necessary for relations to develop or survive. At the beginning, the family relationship between the parents dies when the do not use their trust to raise it or at least to keep it. The mom threatens “to pour kerosene over her body and set fire to herself if [the] father wouldn’t divorce” her (13). Their marriage is now like a nightmare to her. She thinks it is a lot more painful than death. She cannot stand this marriage anymore and always tries to get rid of it. She puts her life in danger to threaten her husband to divorce. However, if they sit down and discuss together about what each person wants in a peaceful way, everything will be different. They may recognize the other’s difficulties in this relationship and sympathize with the other. Each of them also should put their trust in the other to get back the other’s trust. There should be not any “squabbling” (13) between them anymore. Because of it, the family relationship will not be dead, or at least they could part well and it does not have to affect the...
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