The Performance of Job Applicants

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  • Published : March 11, 2013
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Simple experiment to determine the Performance of Job Applicants

Name: Daniel Maxam
School: Camperdown high School
Territory: 100015
Subject: Additional Mathematics

Purpose of project

* Statement of task: A company is recruiting university graduates into two of its teams, namely the finance team and the marketing team. All applicants are required to sit for an aptitude test and score at least the pass mark.

There are 28 applicants for the finance team. It was acknowledged that there were 17 male applicants and the remaining amount was 11 female applicants. As it was acknowledged, it became apparent that there were more male applicants than female applicants.

Can one conclude that the gender of an applicant pre-determines the ambition level towards the finance toward? This statement may help to prove one of the stigmatized fact of the gender trait differentiation, or to rid the society of this stigmatized fact due to mere coincidence. An experiment of this nature may be affected by factors that vary because of the non-uniform manner in which it is conducted.

This project aims to investigate on simple experiments to determine the difference of applicants between the male/female genders towards the different sectors of the company and to compare the performance level which will result in a suitable conclusion.

* Data Collection:
(I) hosting an aptitude test to receive a series of performance grades for each applicant;

In this experiment, every effort was taken to be avoid bias in each of the experiments nor was any other deliberate consideration applied to improve or decrease any performance grade of any gender or applicant. The results of the aptitude test were collected and placed in a suitable table.

Table showing grades for each applicant for the genders

Male Applicants| Female Applicants|
72 78 84 97 54 78 89 81 93 91...
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