The Perceived Social Behavior of Irregular Students of Block 1psy4 Ay: 2012-2013

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The Perceived Social Behavior of Irregular Students of Block 1PSY4 AY: 2012-2013

A Research Paper
Presented in Partial Fulfillment of
the Course Requirements in

Carlos Diego A. Rozul

September 2012

The Problem and its Background
Background of the Study
In the society of university, students form their own interpersonal relations with their fellow students. They discuss commonalities and bond until they form a sense of trust in each other. Every year, a collection of selected students attend their classes in batches called blocks. The students in the block come to a class with the same people. This permits them to socialize and create a network of connections. The block takes the same classes, same quizzes, and same curriculum. The students adjust to each other’s personalities, their new environment, and new disciplinary measures, therefore making the bonds. These students are given a full load of subjects that a student in the specific year and semester should have. These students are called regular students. Every student in the block aims to pass every class, and some may even aim to pass with high marks, but not every student in the block can achieve this goal. Failure in a subject or more require/s the student/s to repeat the course either in the summer or the following year. These students are called irregular students, but not all irregular students became irregular students because they failed a subject or more. Some students become irregular because they are shifters from another college, course or university and their units are credited by the college, course or university they transferred from. Some students become irregular by dropping subjects which they will have to take again sometime, and many other reasons. Irregular students don’t always have classes with their block, they are to take classes or retake the class with a different batch, a different block. This alters the whole relationship, yes they are adjusting, yes they can form social bonds, but to what extent? They don’t have as much time with the other students to make that broad of a network. This is where this study draws inspiration from.

Statement of the Problem
This study aims to analyze and explain the social behavior of the irregular students who take classes with block 1PSY4. Specifically, this research intends to answer the following problems: 1. What is the main reason of the irregular students in 1PSY4 to be irregular students? 2. Do the irregular students socialize with some if not all regular the students of 1PSY4? 3. Do irregular students socialize with their fellow irregular students in the same class? 4. What is the nature of irregular students’ relationship with regular and other irregular students of 1PSY4?

Review of Related Literature
Two important perspectives in adjustment are; adjustment as an achievement and adjustment as a process. Adjustment can be called an achievement because it can be done badly or well. Adjustment can be called a process because we go through a series of steps in order to adjust. The two perspectives have their own practicalities, but they don’t just stand alone, they also stand together because they somehow overlap. (Lazarus, 1976) Adaptation has two basic components; dealing with the situation (coping) and dealing with one’s feelings about the situation (defense). The severity of stress experience depends on the number of available means for coping and defense and their efficiency. To the extent of that an individual has available effective for dealing with the possible can be “mastered”. (Mechanic, 1978)

Interpersonal relationships are ruled by our view on the rewards and costs exchanged in the relationship. Based on the social exchange theory by Thibault and Kelley, people evaluate a relationship according to its outcome. After, they weigh the outcome with the comparison level, which is the subjective expectations...
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