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Topics: Social network service, MySpace, Personal life Pages: 2 (434 words) Published: March 17, 2013
‘Social networks have transformed student life and patterns of interaction’. Drawing on your own experiences, analyse some of the ways in which social networks shape your everyday lives.

Student lifestyle has vastly evolved in time with technological advances. In the 21st century, people who belong to a younger demographic (and those in westernised countries) have been quick to adapt to a new era of the popularisation of social networks. By giving free access to a huge domain of networks of billions of people all round the world, I believe, as a student that this has changed the way we communicate and interact. As interaction is a huge part of my daily life as a university student, this has furthermore had a bigger impact on my student life. Every day I wake up to the same routine. Without a miss, I check my Face book every morning even before I set foot out of bed. This has become habitual to me for the past 3 years. I don’t and have never questioned myself as to why I do so. George Perec looks deep into the idea that we are constantly living our lives surrounded by the ‘infra ordinary’. In his essay ‘Approaches to what?’ (1973), Perec uses the term ‘infra ordinary’ to describe the everyday that is left unquestioned. He concentrates on countless mundane activities that are pieced together to build our daily lives. The growth of social networking has become part of my everyday routine and this coincides with theories of the ‘infra ordinary’ as I fail to take real notice of this huge bulk that takes up time of my everyday life. Without thinking, face to face communication has been broken down because the simplicity of communication through social networks allows us to interact so much quickly and cheaply all at a click of a button. Not only are social networking sites used for this purpose, I have seen sites being used ‘tactically’ (Micheal De Certeau). Certeau’s theory of everyday life practices gives insights to the social and cultural aspects of the...
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