The Pains of Writing

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The Pains of Writing

It is sometimes difficult to articulate the things you want to say on paper. Lamott and Vetter are two professional writers who discuss the struggles of writing. Both writers agree that writing is a difficult process that will cause you agonizing pain. However, Lamott offers a solution to the pain whereas Vetter stays negative.

Lamott and Vetter both use humor to discuss their own theories on the writing process. Vetter seems to think, “All you have to do is spend 40 to 50 hours working up an idea, a sentence that looks… [like you] took 90 seconds to make” (38). Vetter humor throughout the essay is kind of a dark negative style. He seems to joke about people and how they never will be able to write. Lamott claims that, “While writing my mind being left to its own devices spends much of its time having conversations with people who aren’t there” (73). Lamott likes to joke about what the writing process does to her. Throughout the essay she has an insightful humor on the writing process. Both writers use humor throughout their explanations of the writing process. They just have a different flavor of humor and target their jokes differently.

Lamott and Vetter both use their own unique vivid language when describing the difficulties of writing. Vetter explains, “While the truth is that writing is a blood sport, a walk in the garden of agony every time out” (37). Vetter vivid language shows how writing is a gruesome painful task, a process that no one will ever learn. Lamott says, “Let’s not forget the dogs, the dogs in their pen who will surely hurtle and snarl their way out if you ever stop writing, because writing is, for some of us, the latch that keeps the door of the pen closed, keeps those crazy ravenous dogs contained”(72). To Lamott the critical voices in your head are those “crazy ravenous dogs” (72). Lamott vivid language explains that there is ways to contain the fears of writing. While their vivid overall examples match Lamott...
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