My Feelings Toward Writting

Topics: High school, Middle school, College Pages: 2 (530 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Ashton Ferguson
Instructor Alling
ENC 1101.76
May 8, 2013
My Feelings towards Writing
I had always dreaded when it came time in English class, to write an essay, poem, letter etc. I usually just did the bare minimum to pass the class. As a result, I don’t feel confident about my writing skills. Now I can say I am excited to take this class to improve my writing skills. Being out of school eight years now I see how important it is to have good writing skills for any job today in our society. Learning proper writing skills starts in elementary school when English class is interesting and fun. Writing is made fun by getting to read cute colorful stories about interesting topics such as the book about the caterpillar growing into the butterfly. Following the story you do a few arts and craft activities, write a few short sentences about what you read, then follow with a snack all relating to the story. After elementary school, middle school English class a bit more difficult, but still pretty basic. Spelling, punctuation, and proper focus on the topic assigned will earn a good grade. In middle school FCAT writing was given as a requirement in seventh grade to be able to pass and move on to the next grade. That’s when the discouragement began for me. FCAT is a state wide, standardized test which requires students to take tests in a variety of subjects which are then graded by the state to determine whether or not the students pass the test which directly determines the student’s ability to move on to the next grade. The FCAT not only grades the students, but the school as a whole which not only places stress on the students but the teachers and school administration as well. Following middle school, high school caused me to become very bored with English Class. I remember spending about a month reading and discussing Romeo & Juliet in Mrs.Willbers ninth grade English class. In high school I did the bare minimum to pass the class. I was more...
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