The Option of Adoption

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  • Published : February 16, 2013
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Running head: THE OPTION OF ADOPTION​​​​1

The Option of Adoption
Child Psych

​In class Brandy Calef spoke about adoption and the services offered that are specific to the Adoption Centre of Kansas where she is an adoption assistant. Brandy had information pamphlets ready to hand out as well as an example of an entrance packet that would ordinarily be handed out to birth mothers coming to the center for adoption services. She also provided us with business cards including her contact information so that we may contact her for further information or questions. While she was presenting the information to the class she was also accepting and thoroughly answering any and all questions we may have had. ​Brandy presented the material in a very matter-of-fact manner and I was impressed by her remarkable ability to remain unbiased while providing information and answering questions about the Adoption Centre of Kansas as well as adoption in general. I also appreciated that fact that she made sure everyone was aware that the information she provided was specific only to the Adoption Centre of Kansas and that the information provided was not intended to be taken as generally applicable to all other adoption centers. While she was quick to point this out, she was also well versed in certain information and statistics from other facilities around the country. Her wealth of knowledge was extraordinary. ​Brandy did make mention that it is a law in the state of Kansas that parents of minors may have a say as far as abortion is concerned, but they may not be included in any way, shape, or form in the choice or process of adoption. This comment spiked quite an interest in myself and was the first thing I researched. This information was new to me and was the only time throughout the entire presentation that left me confused. The way I understood it, parents are allowed to force abortion on their underage pregnant child, but...
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