Same Sex Adoption

Topics: Homosexuality, Sexual orientation, LGBT Pages: 4 (1420 words) Published: June 18, 2012
Explanatory Synthesis
Should gays and lesbians have the same rights to adopt as heterosexuals? The laws of most states permit an unmarried person to be an adopted parent. However, many states have enacted laws limiting and in some cases prohibiting, lesbian and gay men from adopting. Adoption of children by lesbian and gay men remains controversial. A court must first find that the best interest of the child will be served by the adoption. Some courts have strongly rejected the notion that adoption by a lesbian or gay parent could ever be in the best interest of a child. This applies to same sex unions as well. Yet the United States has many children waiting to be adopted. Older children and those with special needs are the hardest to place. Children who fit this category are in foster homes right now with gay and lesbian parents who want to adopt them. The following is an analysis of the debate. The research in favor of gay adopton includes two papers, one by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the second paper entitled “Lesbian and Gay Adoption Rights” an article from “Lesbian life” magazine. The research not if favor of gay adoption are “Both Sides on Gay adoption Cite Concern for Children” USA Today, and an article entitled “Vatican Criticized for Opposition to Gay Adoption” published by the Religion News Service in Washington. These are the main points of the debate.

Have gay and lesbian parents proven to be irresponsible parents? The pro side states, a growing number of children live in families with two same-sex parents. Until recent decades, most children of lesbian and gay parents were the offspring of heterosexual relationships where one of the parents later discovered his or her sexual orientation. Some studies have estimated that six million or more children in the United States today are being raised in families headed by same-sex parents. (Belbe). Those against gay and lesbian couples adopting are many but mostly remain silent. One...
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