Closed Adoptions

Topics: Adoption, Closed adoption, Family law Pages: 1 (327 words) Published: April 22, 2008
Closed adoptions are adoptions in which the birthparents of the adopted child have no contact with the child after he/she is adopted or with the adoptive parents. No identifying information is provided to the adoptive family or the adopted child. Closed adoptions are controversial because they basically cut off all connections between the child and the birthparents. The child may never know who their birthparents are and they may have many questions that may remain unanswered. Many people think that these situations can cause problems with the child and the birthparents. We plan to show how closed adoptions are beneficial to the adopted child.

Power Points
1.Many people think that a closed adoption provides a sense of closure for all parties and it gives them the ability to move on with life. (Child Welfare) 2.There is no need to physically share the child with the birth parents. (child welfare) 3.There is no danger of the birth parents interfering with the upbringing of the adopted child and there will not be any risk of ‘co-parenting’. (findlaw) 4.Closed Adoptions provide the adopted child with protection from unstable or emotionally disturbed birth parents. (findlaw) 5.Some birthmothers are concerned about explaining their choice and a closed adoption serves as a way to prevent them from a confrontation with a child placed for adoption. (Closed Advantages) 6.If the birth families are not involved, the adoptive family is free to have their family time without restraints of visitations and on-going communication. (Closed Advantages)

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