Adoption from China vs. the United States

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Adoption from China vs. the United States
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Adoption from China vs. the United States
a.The initial thoughts of choosing international or domestic adoption. b.The factors to consider before deciding on international or domestic adoption. II.International Adoption in China
a.Requirements for adopting children from China.
b.Waiting times and cost to adopt from China.
c.Concerns of adopting from China.
III.Domestic Adoption in the United States
a.Requirements for adopting children in the United States.
b.Waiting times and cost to adopt in the United States.
c.Concerns of adopting in the United States.
IV.The number of children awaiting adoption in China and the United States a.Children in China awaiting adoption.
b.Children in the United States awaiting adoption.
c.Children worldwide awaiting adoption.
Choosing whether to adopt from China or the United States will require a lot of research on the part of the adoptive family.
When a couple begins to explore the idea of adopting a child, it is easy for them to quickly become overwhelmed with information, questions and decisions. One of the first dilemmas couples face is whether to pursue international adoption or domestic adoption. By thoroughly researching and weighing both options, a couple can decide whether international or domestic adoption is best for their family. Some of the requirements that must be met to adopt in China include marital Status, only married couples with marriage defined as between a man and a woman, who have been married for at least 2 years are able to adopt from China. If either has been divorced, the couple must be married for 5 years before considering adopting from China. No more than two divorces are allowed; the age of prospective adoptive parents must be between 30 and 44...
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