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*150-200 words
*A brief summary of the source’s key points in the paragraph and * an analysis of what you think the source would add to your understanding of the research question if you were to write a researched paper using the source

Annotated Bibliography
Adoption USA
This source is very useful in providing information about the characteristics, adoption experiences, and well being of adopted children and their families in the United States. The findings represent children under age 18 who were adopted and living with neither biological parent. This includes children adopted from foster care, from other domestic sources, and from other countries. Furthermore, the Chartbook includes information on children in the general population for many indicators of well being, based on data from the 2007 National Survey of Children’s Health. This group of children is of particular concern to policy makers and the public both due to the government’s role in establishing adoptive parent to child relationships.

I think this would add a whole lot of meaning to my question because it deals with not only adoption in other countries but in places all over. It also sticks to the key points of the different experiences developed throughout the child’s life and how they have grown from being in an adoptive environment.

Vandivere, Sharon. "Adoption USA." A Chartbook Based on the 2007 National Survey of Adoptive Parents. Laura Radel, 12 Dec. 2007. Web. 27 Nov. 2012. Adoption Options

This source deals with two different types of adoption, domestic and intercountry adoption. Domestic adoption is branched off into different key points of public agency, licensed private agency adoption, independent adoption, and facilitated/unlicensed agency adoption. On the other hand, intercountry Adoption deals with hague convention country adoption and non-hague convention country adoption. Both of these types of adoption are focused on the aspects of affect on family members, resources, and more.

I really enjoy this source and it relates a lot to my question because it deals with the importance of adopting and how it will affect your family, including your feeling about contact with birth family members, your flexibility about the characteristics of the child you wish to adopt, your resources, and how long you are willing to wait for your child. Also, this source is very interesting because it deals with military families and their interest in adoption and being stationed outside their home State or overseas.

"Child Welfare Information Gateway." Adoption Options. N.p., 10 July 2010. Web. 27 Nov. 2012.

Electronic Medical Record Adoption and Use in Home Health and Hospice
This source provides data from the National Home and Hospice Care Survey from 2007. In 2007, about 5,900 of 14,500 providers of home health and hospice care had electronic medical records and an additional 15% planned to have EMRs within the next year. Providers who offered both hospice and home health care were more likely to have EMRs than providers offering only home health care, but did not differ from providers of hospice care only. Among providers with EMRs, 98% used components for recording patient demographics and 83% for clinical notes, and over one-half used clinical decision support systems or computerized physician order entry.

I think this adds a lot of meaning to my question because it deals with the safety of medical records and the use of them in home health and hospice. Also, nonprofit and government providers, providers jointly owned or operated with other health care organizations, and providers with over 150 patients were more likely to have EMRs.

Jamison, Patricia. "Electronic Medical Record Adoption and Use in Home Health and Hospice." NCHS Data Brief. Anita Bercovitz, 12 Sept. 2010. Web. 27 Nov. 2012....
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