The Object of Lexicology

Topics: Linguistics, Ferdinand de Saussure, Semiotics Pages: 2 (424 words) Published: December 19, 2012
(1)The object of Lexicology. (2) Links with other branches of linguistics. (3)Two approaches to language study (synchronic, diachronic).
(1 )The term‘lexicology’is composed of 2 Greek morphemes:lexis denoting‘word’/logos denoting‘leaning’.In modern linguistics lexicology is one of the branches of science dealing with different properties of words and the vocabulary of a language.The term‘word’denotes the basic unit of a language,it’s a structural and semantic entity within the language system.The term‘vocabulary’is used to denote the system formed by the total sum of all the words that the language possesses.There’re General(The general study of words and vocabulary,irrespective of the specific features of any particular language)and Special Lexicology(The lexicology of a particular language,the study and description of its words and vocabulary). Special lex. may be Historical(This branch of linguistic deals with the origin of various words,their change and development)and Descriptive(deals with the vocabulary of a given language at a given stage of its development.It studies the functions of words and their specific structure as a characteristic inherent in the system)(2)Lexicology has close ties with other branches of linguistics.There’s a relationship between lexicology and phonetics since also concerned with the study of the word(with the sound-form of the word).A close connection between lex. and grammar is conditioned by the various ties between the objects of their linked with the also connected with stylistics, stylistics studies many problems treated in lex. As problems of meaning, bound up with sociolinguistics. Sociolinguistics investigates the xtra-linguistic or social causes of the changes in the vocabulary of a language.(3)There’re 2 principal approaches to language study. Synchronic (descriptive) and Diachronic(historical).The Swiss philologist Ferdinand de Saussure distinguished the 2...
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