The No.1 Energy Drink's 5c's Analysis

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5 C’s Analysis
Company Analysis
The 5 C’s analysis includes the analysis of the company itself. This part evaluates the company’s product line, their current image in the market, the technology they used in production, as well as their experience and culture. It also includes the analysis in its customers’ market size and market growth. This helps the company to divide a broad target market into subsets of consumers who have common needs or common desires as well as common applications for the relevant goods and services. Asia Brewery Inc offers the ff:

* Non-Alcoholic Beverages
* 100 Plus
* Absolute Pure Distilled Drinking Water
* Cobra Energy Drink
* Coco Fresh
* Root Ginger Brew
* Summit Natural Drinking Water
* Virgin Cola
* Vitamilk Soymilk

* Alcoholic Beverages
* Asahi Super Dry
* Beer na Beer
* Coors Light
* Coors Original
* Magnum 8.8
* Manila Beer
* Tanduay Black
* Tanduay Ice
* Manila Beer Light

* Food
* Creamy Delight
For the past 30 yrs., the company was able to sustain the production of all the offered products and all of the products are gaining much profit. The company behind Alcoholic Brands- Beer na Beer, Colt 45, Tanduay Ice, Coors Original and Manila Beer, controls nine percent of the local beer market as of 2012. And for sports and energy drinks in 2011, ABI retained its leadership position as the company’s off-trade sales in that year totaled Php7.9 billion, translating into a 51% share. Their sales report says it all. Their products were saleable because of its affordable prices and it also got the taste of the Filipino consumer. The report was already a proof that they already met their goals. And that is to develop new products that aim to quench the ever-changing taste of the Filipino consumer and to provide products of exceptional quality that is still within the reach of the majority. The company’s Brewing Process

Brewing is a natural process; its art lies in the use and control of this process to convert the ingredients used into a pure, pleasing and satiating beverage called beer. At Asia Brewery, only the finest ingredients are selected from the world’s most reputable suppliers in the making of each one of their products. And the company has 2 brewing factories located at Cabuyao, Laguna and Ingredients:

* Water
* Malt
* Adjuncts
* Hops
* Yeast
Technology/ Machines Used in Production
Malt Silos- it is where the Malt stored and brewed
Mash Vessel- it is where the ground malt is mixed
Cereal Cooker- it is where the milled or broken adjuncts are mixed with water Mash Filter or a Lauter Tun- husk material where wort is strained Brewkettle- it is where wort is collected
Plate Cooler- it is where wort is cooled to make it ready for the addition of the yeast. Ageing Tanks- it is where the “green” beer is cooled and transferred for the beer mature. Bright Beer Tank- it is where the freshly filtered beer is put into for packaging Company’s Values

The company has values that the employees should have and perform whenever they’re working inside the company. These include leadership, initiative, integrity, dedication, and teamwork. These values help others to perform with their full potentials and maintain harmonious working relationship with others. And these will result to the achievement of their goals and objectives and will lead to the success of the company as a whole. Customer Analysis

Customer analysis identifies the benefits that consumer is seeking, either tangible or intangible, their motivation behind purchase, customer buying process and also how their needs and preferences change over time. ABI caters individuals, with its energy drink, who lead an active lifestyle and whose jobs or hobbies require them to perform at an optimal level whether physically or mentally. The ongoing health and wellness trend, alongside increasingly busy and active lifestyles,...
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