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Owners name: Navneet goel

Contact no.: 011-45870095

Website: www.banwariaromas.in

Email id: contact@banwariaromas.in

Value of goods exported: 95 Crores

Country of destination: Singapore, China, USA, Germany, Spain , France, UK, Columbia, Brazil.

Company Profile

BANWARI AROMAS PVT LTD is a Govt Recognized Export House engaged in manufacturing of Incense Sticks and trading of Essential oils & Natural Aroma Chemicals. The company was established in year 1996.

BANWARI AROMAS has work force of around 25 people. The company owners have the 32 years experience in sourcing of various raw materials of good quality and has own purchasing offices around raw material producing areas & have 12 years experience in production line of various naturally processed natural products & derivatives.

BANWARI AROMAS PVT LTD (BAPL) is a growing company in Essential oils, Aroma Chemicals and related specialty products. After complete establishment the company’s operation were restricted to domestic territories for two years. With the globalization of world economy and advancement in communication, transportation and infrastructural facilities, the company decided to cross the local boundaries and explore international markets. Realizing the growth prospects overseas the company took a bold step and decided to Export 100% of its products, thereby closing down its local trading operations. The venture paid off and the company for the past 12 years has been exporting 100% of its products and is now a promising name in the field of Essential Oils and Aroma Chemicals.

The Company maintains a very high standard of quality. Each of the product is tested in the R&D laboratory before being exported. This insatiable crave for meeting the standards and constantly improving upon the quality has borne fruitful rewards to the company. This is clearly visible from the fact that in the very first year of its export operations i.e. year 2000-01 the company exported products worth Rs. 12cr to the buyers abroad . As compared to this the export sales for the year ending 2001-02 touched Rs.35cr – an overwhelming increase of about 300%. Now the Company has the turnover of Rs 95cr & has plan to maintain the same standards and explore new territories abroad to expand its scale of operation. The turnover of the company for the coming year i.e. year 2013-14 is expected to be close to Rs.125Cr.


Peppermint Oil
Dementholised Oil
Menthol Crystal
Menthol Flakes
Spearmint Oil

The company has a very wide range of product portfolio. However the major share of the company’s turnover is accounted by four very fast moving products in the international chemical market viz. Menthol Flakes, Menthol Crystal, Peppermint Oil & Natural Cis-3-hexenol. These all together account for about 80% of the total revenue of the company. Menthol Crystal and Peppermint are used in a number of products, some of which are listed below:

* Pharmaceuticals
* Perfumery Compounds
* Pain Balms & Medicated Plasters
* Toothpaste
* Mouth Washes / Oral Preprations
* Confectionery
* Pan Masala
* Chewing Tobacco
* Cigarettes

The company also engages itself in the manufacturing of other speciality products which though account for only about 20% of the total receipts but are of high value. A list of such products is as under:

1. Anethole
2. 3-Octanol
3. Linalool
4. Methyl Chavicol
5. Menthone
6. Spearmint
7. Cineole

The above mentioned product find their end use in the following products:

* Flavors
* Fragrances
* Perfumery Compounds
* Confectionary

All of the above products of the company are exported to various countries around the globe with Singapore and China being the apex importers constituting 75% of the company’s exports. Balance exports is to...
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