The Necessary Art of Persuasion

Topics: Leadership, Motivation, Management Pages: 2 (377 words) Published: April 18, 2011
The Necessary Art of Persuasion

This article gives full details of what is needed in order for management to adopt persuasion as a leadership quality. This is done by expanding on the four essential steps needed for a leader to carry out effective leadership. It referenced many real life scenarios which showed the importance of being a persuasive leader.

I absolutely agreed on the fact that persuasion is necessary for leaders. This characteristic can motivate and give employees a feeling of satisfaction which makes the work load smoother. The competencies of effective leadership are: •Personality

Self Concept
Leadership motivation
Knowledge of the business
Cognitive and practical intelligence
Emotional intelligence
Persuasion can be a characteristic of the above competencies. I believe that the art of persuasion is so strong that it can be the ninth (9th) competency. The author has left a positive thought in my mind to the point where I feel obligated to discuss with fellow supervisors and leaders.

The author states, “Numbers do not make an emotional impact but stories and vivid language do.” I disagree with this quote because we are in a world where leaders rely heavily on financial statements to make daily decisions such as recruitment, sales promotion, salary incentives and increases etc just to name a few. Numbers can make an emotional impact depending on whether they show profitability or losses. As a financial analyst I have seen the emotional impact my monthly financial reports and analytical reviews have on top management within our country office as well as senior executives at our head office in Canada and the United States.

Prior to reading this article I always felt that great leaders were born and not made. This article totally crushed my perception. I can now easily identify leaders in my organization that rely heavily on persuasion, my manager being one of them. I can now adopt the...
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