The Nanny

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The Jeans Family Report
Barbra (43) and Dave (51), have been together for 20 years they have three kids and are a middle class family with, 3 kids that claim to be “uncontrollable and troublesome.” They have a 4 ½ year old girl named Andrea, Her mother said that she is hits and fusses all the time. Then she has two other twins, Jessy and Leah they are 3 years old. Their father said that Jesst is beginning to follow in Andreas behavior yet, Leah is the more quite of the three. With the father being gone for about a week each month for buissness trips, this caring and patient mother is almost to the point of breaking. Luckily, Super Nanny also known as Nanny Jo Frost, was called in. Super Nanny devotes each episode to helping a family where the parents are struggling with their child-rearing. When super nanny walked into the house she noticed that the house was very disorganized. In the morning Super Nanny noticed that it was very chaotic in the morning. Barbra and Dave appeared very stressed and flustered. Barbra said that “its like this every morning. Andrea, was crying because she didn’t want to wear a green shirt she wanted to wear this pink one. Jessy, was fussing because she couldn’t find her other shoe. Dave said that “Barbras been stressed ever since the kids were born.” After, everyone was dressed and ready to leave, Barbra asks the kids what they want for breakfast Leah wanted chocolate. Jessy had some chips. The Super Nanny said she was astonished of how the house was in the morning. After all that they all get in the car to go to the grocery store. Dave helped loading the kids went to work so once again, it was just Barbra. When they got to the grocery store Barbra said “she wants to start enjoying going shopping with the kids.” Barbra picked a cart and jessy and Leah were sitting in it until, Andria started crying about how she wanted to ride in the cart to. Andria rides in the cart for a little while. Andria started romming around the store and her...
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