The Muslim World of Colas

Topics: Cola, Coca-Cola, Zam Zam Cola Pages: 3 (764 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Exercise 4: expressing the main idea

___ A. today’s chinese dislike U.S products and American-syles stores. ___B. the reading s about shopping in china
___C. many chinese like to shop at supermarkets.
___D. American businesses and culture are becoming popular in china

Exersice 6 ; identifying major points
Paragraph 1: du yun shops at pricesmart one or two times a week. Paragraph 2: she and her husband have bought an apartment and a car. Paragraph 3: du likes to cook traditional chinese food.
Paragraph 4: many American businesses have opened in china recently. Paragraph 5-6: chinese like American products
Paragraph 6-7: the number of American companies in china is increasing. Paragraph 12-13 : middle class chinese like the same free time activities as americans. Paragraph 14: In the 1980s, estern companies were able to sell products in China better than other Asian companies. Paragraph 17: the chinese have create successful businesses that are like western businesses.

Exercise 16 : identifying the main idea
___ A. in the muslim world, the popularity of cola drinks is decreasing. ___B. coca cola and pepsi are popular cola drinks.
___C. many people drin colas in the muslim world.
___D. in muslim countries, new cola drinks are challenging U.S.colas.

Exercise 17 : identifying major points
Major points| Paragraph number (s)| 1. Three new coa companies are using politics to sell their drinks.| 2| 2. Mecca cola ads ask shoppers to think before they buy a cola.| 3| 3. The qibla cola company says it will give money to charty.| 4,8| 4. Muslim colas get their names from religious items| 6| 5. Cola turka started in turkey.| 5|

6. The oldest muslim cola company started in iran| 7|
7. Shoppers in france and great Britain buy Muslim colas | 9| 8. Quality is the most important way to make sure people will buy mecca-cola again, the company owner says.|...
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