Comparision Between Culture in China and America

Topics: Education, High school, Teacher Pages: 3 (1273 words) Published: April 24, 2013
A Closer look to American Culture:
A comparison between culture
in China and America

By Shijiao Chen
Social Work 100
March 15, 2012

My parents came to the United States when I was about ten years old, leaving me and my younger brother to live with my grandma in China. We talked on the phone every day and they told us what their life in America was like. From what my parents told me, the U.S. was place where everybody could have a place to live and something to eat if they worked hard. They said there were a lot of opportunities here, even if you did not speak English. From watching TV shows, and movies, I imagined that America was a place with freedom and equality, where life was easy and everyone had brown hair with beautiful eyes. I even thought Americans are all Christians. These are common thoughts about Americans among Chinese people. Then when I finally came to America, I was so excited and couldn’t wait to see the picture in my mind. But now that I have lived here for the past four years, I feel like it’s not exactly what I had imagined. There are two opinions about American people’s clothing. One opinion is that many people often dress casually in public and they wear what they feel is most comfortable, without regard to fashion or style. The other opinion is that women in America pay a great deal of attention to their dress, especially upper class women. In fact, according to one article, some women only wear their clothes once (What we wear in America 2008). I agree with the first opinion because when I first came to K-state, I would hear comments such as “Why did she wear that outfit on campus?” or “What? … Shorts in winter?” In America, the way people dress is often very causal. Americans do not seem to pay too much attention to clothing because very few people will judge people harshly by the way they are dressed. It’s good to dress pretty, but it is fine if you don’t dress well. It is different in China. I...
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