The Most Extraordinary Person in My Family

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  • Published : November 16, 2010
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Do you know an extraordinary person in your family that you find interesting? Gilda Plouffe, my grandmother is the most interesting relative I know. Having a great personality that everyone loves makes someone interesting. My grandma is the best by far. She has so many great qualities about her. Gilda has time for everyone in the family, including over twenty grandchildren and her boyfriend, still works as a full time waitress and is such a great person inside and out.

My grandmothers amazing personality is like no other. She always has something to say, whether it’s nice, or not. She’s loud and always has so much energy. Like when the whole family gets together and plays charades during the holidays, she gets all excited and makes sure her team wins every year. She’s hilarious! My grandmother is always trying to see the brighter side of situations and always seems to make you smile.

Having over twenty grandchildren seems difficult, but she makes it seem easy as pie. My grandmother somehow keeps up with everyone’s birthdays, the holidays, and just everyday normal visits and phone calls. We grandchildren always love visiting grandma. Her house is so warm and inviting. There is always hot, delicious Italian food being cooked in the kitchen that makes her whole house smell good. She has a huge movie collection and an attic where we used to play at when we were younger. Gilda Plouffe alone raised seven of her own children after the divorce of her husband when her oldest child was eleven years old. She had to make time for everything; her kids, her bills, her job, her family and herself. I look up to her for that.

Having said that, my grandmother is an extremely hard worker in many ways. She works about forty hours every week as a waitress at a diner close to her home. Being a waitress is very difficult. You spend hours without sitting down, you have to be able to handle people’s complaints and attitudes, and basically act like you want to be there with a smile...
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