The Most Embrassing Incident

Topics: Qur'an Pages: 2 (759 words) Published: January 20, 2013

Dawn call to prayer  sounded  from the mosque in the morning has made me wake up earlier today. I go to the bathroom to shower and prepare for morning prayers at the mosque. At that time my mother was busy preparing breakfast for our family. Today I am very happy because today is the day promised by my parents to take me to an interesting place in Kuala Kubu Bharu. I ask if there are interesting places in Kuala Kubu Bharu but I'm just waiting to go there.

After breakfast, my mother asked to prepare all the equipment such as Quran  and neat clothes, Stops for a while my mind why do I need to bring the quran but I only by what my mother commanded. Suddenly, my brother has told me that I need to go to the admission interview diploma in Darul Quran. I was surprised by what was said by my brother because I never fill out any form of darul quran. I have not much to ask and continue to make what he was told by my mother.

At exactly 8:00 am we set off from home and began the journey with a puzzled expression. On the way to Darul quran, I asked various questions to the my mother and brother. I was told that my mother had told my brother to fill the application form for new student enrollment in diploma in Darul quran. I was very fortunate to have been selected for the interview test.Furthermore it is one of my father's dream to have their children can memorize the al-Quran.

We arrive at darul quran at 8.30 am, we were greeted with great friendliness by the staff darul quran. I can feel peace when I was in Darul quran. At the same time I also saw many come to have interviews like me. I am challenged to see many people who attend because they all come with a goal to become a student  darul quran.At the same time I plan to make the best determination during the interview  that will not disappoint  my  parents  expectations. I also want to instill enthusiasm always wanted to be a student of Darul Quran....
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