The Most Beautiful Scene in the World

Topics: High school, Auguste Rodin, Middle school Pages: 2 (465 words) Published: January 4, 2013
The Most Beautiful scene in The World
There are 70 hundred million people in the world. We brush past countless strangers and acquaintances on our way to school, on a crowded bus or in a hilarious party. For sure, it is impossible for us to remember all of their face and their action then. But in the bottom of our heart, there must have a one-of-a-kind picture. A picture we clearly remember, a picture that touch our deepest emotion and also bring us a profound understanding. When I was still a junior high school student, I was once an extremely rebellious girl. In my innocent mind, friends are everything. I didn’t care what my parents worried about me, for I always considered their concern as a resort to force me to get high score and good performance. Therefore, in my teenage, I had quarrels with my parents frequently. One Saturday night, as usual, I had a quarrel with my father about my going to night market late. I slammed the door and walked out of the yard desperately, calling my friends to pick me up at the gate of the park nearby my home. As I was waiting, I saw a father, holding his little daughter’ hand tightly, passed through my sight. The little girl was about four years old, talking joyfully about her school life and how her classmates envied about her beautiful hairdo. Her father only smiled at her rosy cheek, saying nothing as response. She was too concentrative, however, to notice a bump on the road, and fell down at the next second. The little girl cried out loudly, bleeding. At that moment, I could clearly see the anxiety on his father’s face. He held her in arms and tenderly comforted his beloved child. He even borrowed some tissues from me then rushed back home in no time without saying thank you. I stood on the spot for more than ten minutes, looking afar at their receding back. I couldn’t tell why my eyes were filled with tears after witnessing this scene. All I wanted to do is to run back home, apologize to my parents and give them a...
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