The Market Penetration Strategy of Ghee

Topics: Brand, Advertising, Marketing Pages: 5 (1154 words) Published: October 27, 2010
Product type: Ghee
Product name: Amrit shudh desi ghee

Assumed situations:
1. Product is differentiating itself from other competitors by introducing an 85% less cholesterol product. 2. There is a good investment done by the investing firm. We are not considering concern regarding financial budget for searching more possible avenues. 3. The product is in 4-5 different packages. Starting from a 250 gm pack costing near about Rs 150 it goes on to 500 gms, then 1 kg then 5 kgs then 10 kgs tin having the same relative cost. The packaging for small bottles of Ghee is done in white plastic containers and larger packs are of tin. 4. There are only two competitors with their respective USPs mentioned later. 5. Our product quality and price are at par with the other two competitors. 6. We are looking for pan India presence.

Situational analysis:
Internal analysis:
Assessment of the firm’s promotional organization and capabilities: The firm is new to the market. So in Ansoff Matrix it comes to be EXISTING PRODUCT/ EXISTING MARKET ( well it would be in actual situation). Since its a new product segment of cholesterol free ghee it can be considered as NEW PRODUCT/ EXISTING MARKET ( in our assumed situation).We are working upon moderate and less risk situations. So the prime focus would be to pay more emphasis on the distribution and selling part. We have to strategize our distribution more effectively and again work upon sales activity.

Regarding investment the firm is capable of investing good amount of money for its product launch and marketing since its competing with Amul and Anik which are having a good market capture.

Review of the firm’s previous promotional programs:

This analysis does not apply here since Its a new firm and new product. But the promotional attempt by its competitor would be valid here. Till now ghee was promoted as unadulterated, tasty, aroma, texture basically as desi ghee, being close to the Indian people’s emotions of staying pure. But still Amul and Anik are having Cholesterol free ghee. It is further discussed later.

Assessment of firm or brand image and implications for promotion:

Our promotional objective would be focused on creating a brand image and involve people for product trail. We want to promote our brand as C- free (healthy) & pure product. We want to associate it with emotions of Indian population especially (upper-middle and middle-middle class people). We want the product to portray its image above the other two competitor brands.

Assessment of relative strengths and weakness of product:
1. At par in quality and price with its competitors. i.e. good quality, justifiable price. 2. Good aroma and texture
3. 80% less cholesterol- healthy ghee which is its USP
4. Sealed packaging, different volumes.
5. Good promotional budget.

1. A new concept of healthy ghee posses some risk on trust and acceptability. 2. Very new firm and new brand name.
3. Amul is yet not with Cholesterol free product but if will enter with it there wouldn’t be any more benefit for Amrit. 4. Amrit is only in Ghee manufacturing but other competitors are having much more product and marketing capital to invest on.

External analysis:
Customer analysis:
* Our customers are segmented as upper-middle and middle-middle class people. * Further segmented to people specifically from more ghee consuming states. * Our focused customers would be health conscious people who are suffering from heart problems and other high cholesterol problems and again those who are conscious about the same. * The buyers decision also matters so the buyer i.e, Indian women would be focused more and the brand promotions will be done more for home makers.

Competitive analysis:
Competitor # 1 Amul Ghee – 1 Brand strength
2 Taste
3 Unadulterated product
Amul projects itself as “taste of india” and is India one of the...
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