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Marketing Research

Case Study-3

Sony, a multinational corporation based in Tokyo, Japan, stepped into India in early 1995, in the post­ Iiberalisation period. Within a couple of months in the same year, it set up its manufacturing unit. The company makes its presence felt in India through Sony Entertain Television, Sony Music and Sony India. While the first two are comfortably placed in their niche markets, it is the third which is expected to bring in all those exciting Sony digital products. Although the government has cleared its plans to manufacture its various products, it has not been smooth sailing for Sony India. Sony India is facing some major problems, one of which is the emergence of a grey market for its brands. While it is targeting its sales around Rs 1050 crores by the turn of the century, it has to have a better understanding of India's economic, social and political environment. Sony India would like to develop itselfas its parent company developed its business units in United States (New York), Europe (Cologne), and Asia (Singapore). Since it is a multinational company manufacturing multi-products, it has a challenging task.

1. Do you think research can play an important role in the development of Sony India? 2. If Sony India takes recourse to research, should it set up "in-house" research or hire the services of marketing research agencies? 3. If the choice is in favour and Research objective what factors should it consider while Research purpose of marketing research agency, selecting a particular agency?

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