Kudler Fine Foods Marketing Research

Topics: Marketing, Marketing plan, Competitive intelligence Pages: 4 (1270 words) Published: February 22, 2011
Kudler Fine Foods Marketing Research

Kudler Fine Foods Marketing Research
Marketing research is important for all companies. A company must research the areas they hope to expand and know if they can be successful in that area before they ever decide to open up a new store. Marketing research will inform a company what will sell and what will not sell in an area and the main focus of a company should be researching the customers in the area and knowing competitive intelligence. If a company uses great marketing research it will give them the best chance to put together a great marketing plan and be successful. Kudler Fine Foods is a company that has been around since 1998 and currently has three different stores in the San Diego area. They are currently thinking of expanding and great marketing research will give them the best opportunity to succeed. Kudler Fine Foods wants to grow and this paper will address the importance of marketing research, areas where additional marketing research is needed, and analyze the importance of competitive intelligence and analysis all in regards to the development of Kudler Fine Foods’ market strategy and tactics. Importance of Marketing Research

Marketing research is important for all companies if they hope to be triumphed in their business ventures and Kudler Fine Foods is no different. Marketing research is “procedures that develop and analyze new information about a market. Marketing research may involve use of questionnaires, interviews with customers, experiments, and many other approaches” (Perreault, Cannon, & McCarthy, 2009, p. 202). Kudler Fine Foods must perform quality marketing research if they hope to be or remain successful with their current stores and to be successful with the new store they are hoping to open in Carlsbad, Ca. Great marketing research will allow Kudler Fine Foods to perform studies to learn what they should focus on with their current stores. They can learn what...
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