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  • Published: November 17, 2012
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FreshDirect is an online grocery store, which is founded in 2001 by Joseph Fedele and Jason Ackerman. FreshDirect has five districts in New York City, as well as some areas in the state of New Jersey and Connecticut to conduct business, which offers online grocery shopping and delivery services to more than 300 zip codes, also offers pickup services at its Long Island City facility. FreshDirect cargo truck now has become one of the hallmarks of the Manhattan area. With its strong customer tracking service system, FreshDirect becomes one of the most successful online grocery stores in North America. As Joseph Fedele and Jason Ackerman claim that FreshDirect is the new way to shop for food, which could bring a lot of convenience to customers, and also promise that their products are at higher quality with lower prices. In all, the mission of FreshDirect is not only to give the customers the best food and service, but also committed to helping customers to save time in stores.

General Environment
Focus on the future, the general environment dimensions have this order of importance: economic segment (opportunity), technological segment (opportunity), demographic segment (opportunity), sociocultural segment (opportunity), global segment (threat), and political/legal segment (threat).The top three segments for FreshDirect are demographic, technological, and economic. FreshDirect has great opportunity to sell their products to people through the internet, and online techonogical segment attract lots of customers who prefer to be convenient. On the other hand, FreshDirect also has threat to limit their shipping service area which is note service for international and other states.

Economic segment (opportunity):
Economics always play an significant role in an company, bring shows the profits and development of this company. As early as in 2003, it has succeeded in financing the $31 million which included $15 million supported by the American...
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