The Managerial Odyssey

Topics: Sales, Superhero, Thought Pages: 5 (1894 words) Published: May 16, 2012
After reading this book, I realized that I already use a lot of the things that Focazio focuses on. I decided I would use this assignment to reveal what I do when I’m not being a fulltime student. Since I can remember, I was raised to be a super hero. I was raised in a life where magic wasn’t a myth and extraordinary powers were a common everyday thing. I decided to go through things in the book I liked a lot and relate them to things I’ve learned from becoming the hero that I am today. I’ll begin with Focazio’s first of the three keys to unlock the problem of job dissatisfaction. You have to have fun to become successful. Being a superhero isn’t all the hype it’s made up to be. There is a lot of hard work that goes into training not only your body but also your mind. When I started, my Sifu asked me why I wanted to become a superhero (…it begins with yourself). He also told me that whatever motivates me to become the man I am going to be; I must have positive motivation (When is motivation effective?). He then went further into detail about the motivations I should stay away from. He told me the positive motivations were the ones that got me through life and not just the day (Short-term motivators vs. long-term motivators). I told him my motivation was to defend the good against the bad at all costs. I wanted to lay my life down on the line for those who couldn’t defend themselves against the bullies. I knew what lied ahead of me when I made this decision…well I thought I knew. After my conversation with my Sifu that night, I flew to my favorite spot, at that point-in-time, and meditated about the hardships to come. Even though I knew the times would be hard, I turned them into positive emotions and quickly learned to love what I do and have fun (Don’t YOU be the source of demotivation).

Later on after I had mastered one of the hardest elements, wind, I started to have some trouble with doubting myself. Up to this point I had failed all of my field assignments but I was quickly accelerating in the academic and spiritual side of things. It was like I knew everything I needed to know but I was having a hard time focusing it in my fieldwork. I later realized that I held myself to such a standard in my own mind that I was keeping myself from ever reaching it. I was letting myself believe that I couldn’t do it even before I tried it (Remember, you’re better than you think you are). After that I started to learn from my experiences. I knew it was essential not to forget anything I had learned along the way and to use it all for personal growth (make a virtue out of failure). I soon began to sky rocket through the ranks and take down top-notch enemies. It seemed like it happened so fast that I didn’t realize I was on a pretty good hot streak. I started to take riskier jobs that I knew would help me grow which meant helping more people (Take a risk. Risks increase our chances to grow).

The next thing I want to focus on is Focazio’s take on “the art of selling”. He says that for every sales situation, there are three basic components: the wind up, the pitch, and the follow through. I find this to be applicable to everything thing that I do (…each and everyone one of us sells something in this world) and could easily relate it to situations in my life. Not too long ago I was working on one of my toughest cases up-to-date. His name was Lord Ozai, leader of the Flameyo’s and at that time holder of the Ring of Fire. At first thought, you might not think about all the internal politics involved within a collectivist of superheroes but it can get just as bad a the Democrats vs. Republics debates, except with more fireballs and ice. I chose to write about this particular case because during different stages of it, I had to sell two things: First, I had to sell MYSELF to the council when they tried to take me off of MY case. Second, I had to sell safety to Lord Ozai, which he didn’t seem interested in...
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