Managerial Perogatives

Topics: Employment, Trade union, Management Pages: 2 (520 words) Published: May 13, 2013
Managerial prerogative has gone too far!  Discuss.
Managerial prerogative has gone too far and can be reviewed as being a significant topic in today’s business environment. The issues pertaining to business on a global scale is the constant evolution of technology and the development this is making to the workplace. In order to meet the challenge imposed business managers need to have economic knowledge and the ability to maintain the technology advancements made. Additionally the business environment is being reshaped to engage a flexible workforce that provides greater issues relative to their capacity and knowledge to undertake tasks and meet business objectives aligned to profit targets. This essay will review the current issues pertaining to the Trade Unions and Employer Unions and provide fundamental suggestions to strengthen workplace choices and laws governing this practice. This will prevent an uneducated workforce being subject to unachievable business targets.

The current managerial prerogative is inadequate as it fails to provide a universal law act to govern this growing phenomenon. Observing this trend, industrial tribunals will not get involved with the introduction of workplace change that has met legal requirement. Therefore, protective strategies and associated laws need to be strengthened to support the employee with business improvements or changes that are introduced so that they remain fair to both parties.

Managerial Prerogative definition:
Employer's or management's unqualified-authority to exercise its discretion in certain areas without discussions with or the agreement of a union. Also called management rights, they are not subject to negotiations and may be expressly stated as such in a collective bargaining agreement. They include the rights to (1) assign and direct workforce, (2) determine the method to discipline employees for just cause, (3) increase and reduce the workforce according to...
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