The Man Behind the Brand

Topics: Dov Charney, Female, Clothing Pages: 2 (762 words) Published: January 22, 2013
December 4th 2012
English Composition 101

The Man behind the Brand

A Canadian native Dov Charney is a man who is so captivated by the American culture that he started his retail and wholesales company named American Apparel. His company is well known for its provocative and controversial advertising strategies. The sexually stimulating ads have been criticized, but have also been praised for their honesty and the fact that they do not airbrush their models in ads. His leadership skills, which he feels brings creativity are the source of it all. CEO Dov Charney says, “The vision for this brand is its heritage. It's like liberty, property, pursuit of happiness for every man worldwide. That's my America.” This leads to believe that Charney portrays Americans (mainly the woman) to be provocative. Liberty to exploit woman, the stigma of woman being considered Property is the pursuit of happiness for every man worldwide. His America is all screwed up.

One of the things consumer doesn’t know about producers, is that there is almost an interior motive then just making more money. Dov Charney interior motive is SEX. This ad that I came across was disturbing. The initial vision was to sell gray underwear; this ad is a two-panel ad with a lovely young female model. In the first panel you do not see her face. All you see is her naked back and of course the grey underwear which is the product being sold. In my first paragraph I mentioned Charney perceiving woman as property. This ad demonstrates that my theory on his perception maybe correct. The bottom panel shows the young lady lying on her stomach in between the legs of a man. Her face is visible but unfortunately her lovely face is in the crouch of this man; who is also wearing grey underwear. And the most disturbing part of it all is while she looks up at the camera, the young lady tongue is placed on the man genital area. These young women who model for these ads are teens, 18 and over. Majority are...
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