The Magic of Music

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  • Published : March 10, 2013
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Music, artful arrangement of sounds across time.
Music is a part of human’s life, emotions, moods and
love. It is the panacea for all woes.
Music is part of virtually every culture on Earth, but it
varies widely among cultures in style and structure. Definitions of music can change dramatically over a short time, as they have across the world during the 20th century.
But music is really a magic! Scientific studies showed that music is not only used as recreational activity but also a medicine, a vitamin and an answer to a certain problem even the deepest nor serious problem.

Come and experience the MAGIC OF MUSIC

Science Daily— Patients who need assistance to breathe through mechanical ventilation may benefit from listening to music, a new review published in The Cochrane Library shows. The researchers found that music listening may relax patients, potentially resulting in fewer complications.

Science Daily — It is often said that music is the language of emotions. Simply, we are moved by music. But can these musically induced emotions arising through the auditory sense influence our interpretation of emotions arising through other senses

Science Daily — Scientists have found that the pleasurable experience of listening to music releases dopamine, a neurotransmitter in the brain important for more tangible pleasures associated with rewards such as food, drugs and sex. The new study from The Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital -- The Neuro at McGill University also reveals that even the anticipation of pleasurable music induces dopamine release [as is the case with food, drug, and sex cues]. Published in the journal Nature Neuroscience, the results suggest why music, which has no obvious survival value, is so significant across human society.

Science Daily — Finnish researchers have developed a groundbreaking new method that allows to study how the brain processes different aspects of music, such as rhythm, tonality...
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