The Little Prince

Topics: Friendship, Mind, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 3 (899 words) Published: February 21, 2013
The Little Prince is a very delicate story. It could be taken in so many ways from so many different perspectives where it shows how a child views the world that we live in and the simple thoughts that we often take for granted. It shows how adult perspective is unimaginative and dull while the childish perspective is creative and open to the mysteries of the universe. It got my mind working and thinking of how each line meant for me, and made me realize that it actually has some deeper way of teaching us of what is truly essential in our lives.

The narrator landed on the sahara desert all by himself. His loneliness made me think of how important relationships with others are. He was alone, until the little prince came out of nowhere and soon enabled him to embrace the lessons his new friend has to offer. He showed the little prince his drawing of a boa constrictor devouring an elephant and was amazed that the he was able to get the point of his drawing. That part explained how children are very imaginative unlike adults. They talked about the little prince's planet and mentioned about the baobab trees that remains as a threat to the his planet. The little prince notes that one must be very careful of one’s planet since all planets have good plants and bad plants. Bad plants must be uprooted before they start to grow and crush everything around them. Baobabs, to me, are everyday barriers and obstacles in life that, if left unchecked, can crush a person. He also talked about the rose that occupied his thoughts and heart all throughout his travel. He loves her so much but doubted the sincerity of her love which made him leave. The rose was vain and naive, and had trouble expressing her love for the little prince. We all know that children are too young and inexperienced to understand love. In his journey, he encounters different person in various planets which symbolizes a particular characteristic of adults. He met a king which represents a political figure...
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