The Prince and Utopia

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  • Published : December 13, 2007
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The Prince and Utopia

The Prince and Utopia are honored as masterpieces that show two differing styles of government. Both books have many similarities and differences in the governments that are in the their respective stories. Many ideas from the governments they portray have profound impacts on our modern government such as various political principles like the military, economy, and religion. The Prince and Utopia are both interesting novels that show creative styles of government.

The Prince could be described as a guide to obtain and keep your power as a ruler while Utopia is describes itself as the most suitable style of rule and government. The Prince talks about how a ruler should always be on top of everything when it comes to ruling their subjects. This entire book shows how to take advantage of people and making sure that they are under your control. In Utopia, More provides an example of an ideal form of government from his perspective. In another way, its his example of a perfect society. The Prince and Utopia both talk about ruling, but are different in their form of government.

A big difference in Utopia and the Prince is that Machiavelli believes that the ruler should be evil under all its intent and More wants a ruler who does not always need to strike fear into their citizens. Machiavelli explains that "people are by nature changeable." (The Prince) This quote shows that he believes it is easy to control people and provides his reasoning to write a book on what to do to look and be powerful. Machiavelli makes it important the regular human can be easily swayed when you are being seen as a powerful being. More's world may not be perfect, but it is the closest to an ideal society. The people in the world always act for the benefit of the whole society. They do not think of themselves but rather for the good of all the people so their world may progress.

Another difference between the books is how both books treat gender roles. In Utopia, women are practically just as equal as men in status. The women are allowed to do mostly everything such work, vote, and actually have an influence in foreign affairs. Still, women are not completely equal to men in the book. Men are still considered as more "pure". (Utopia) In the Prince, the man is known to be over the women. He has much control in her actions. These two different roles are fitting with their respective books. Since Utopia advertises a peaceful society, it is easy to see why the believe women can have more equality in their society. For the Prince, the woman is seen inferior to the man for it has been always seen as in past history that man always be control over the woman.

A similarity between Utopia and The Prince is that they both stress the importance of smart rulers. In Utopia, "nations will be happy, when either philosophers become kings, or kings become philosophers." (Utopia) The people in this Utopian nation will only be happy unless their kings are just as wise as philosophers or unless the philosophers would become kings. Only wise rulers can lead their land and bring prosperity. In the Prince, Machiavelli believes that the ruler needs to be smart when it comes to controlling the minds of the people and playing out battles. The ruler needs to know when to keep people happy but all put fear into their minds so that they would not rebel.

Unlike Utopia, Machiavelli also tends to use a more evil and conniving way to rise to power. In the book, it is easily noticed how he is always wanting to expect the worst. He makes examples of how a bordering country may come to seize it or how people may get angry and start to rebel. Machiavelli makes it a point that you should always do anything you can to get on top. You should do anything from lying to your subjects or in some ways actually stealing from them. Machiavelli is definitely wrong in his thinking that only a very evil leader can get their country to...
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