The Link between Management and the System

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  • Published : October 10, 2012
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DM 204
Reaction Paper 2 – 21 July 2012
Submitted by: Angelica Barlis

Are Managers Obsolete?
Thomas M. Hout, Harvard Business Review
Businesses, organizations and companies have their own objectives that need to be achieved, through which the role of a manager is essential. These objectives will be accomplished through and with people in the most advantageous way of utilizing the available resources. In the article of Thomas M. Hout, he presented two interesting ideas that will make the readers contemplate whether or not the success or failure of a corporation depends solely on the management or to the different factors beyond the control of the management.

The Management
There are people who are trained to be high-quality managers. There are a number of courses available in different universities that will teach the students to become the best managers in the world and this come with knowledge and skills. Being in a sterile environment, it would be an adjustment to these managers to go back to the real world and apply the theories, concepts and methods they learn in school. Hence, these will guide them to come up with the most-strategicallythought and meticulously-analyzed decisions for their own company or organization.

According to Peter Drucker – an influential management consultant and self-described “social ecologist”, each institution has a responsibility to its society. He coined the term “knowledge workers” – these are workers whose main capital is knowledge. Indeed, these knowledge workers are ever present within the management and they work together to be able to draw the best tool for their businesses. Will the impressive and finest managers suffice in order for the corporation to survive?

The System
With this premise, the second school of thought has surfaced – it is the system that dominates, not the management. Hout explained that these are the factors beyond the control of the management. These considerations are further than the...
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