The Limitations of Teamwork in a Business

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  • Published : May 14, 2013
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1) OUTLINE OF OUR TASK… In our first task we were asked to build a free standing tower as high as we could but it had to hold a small ball on the top. In my Team there was Rachel, Rob, Annabel, Beth and Myself. In this task we came 2nd out of the 3 groups but I do not believe we deserved this position. In this task I believe that we all jelled as a team and as a team we had good ideas but we could not execute these ideas.

2) TEAM MEMBERS STRENGTHS AND WEEKNESSES. On the board is a table with the strengths and weaknesses in our team I think that everyone had their own part to play and some people were good at some aspects and some were good at the other’s, some of the members of our team decided they were good at making and some decided they were good at thinking.

3) ROLOES IN OUR TEAM, on this table you can see the roles that were decided. Some of these roles were not outlined quickly enough into the task. This is what one of our down falls was. 4) CONFLICTS INSIDE OUR TEAM In our team I believed that we jelled well as a team and we were all friendly after the task but, about 1/3 of the way through the task when we did not progress well I decided that we should have a brain storming session for ideas. Some of the team members did not give good ideas and Rachel gave an idea that she was very keen on but all not the team members new that it was not a good idea. Rachel was quite keen to use her idea but we did not want to. We had to address this conflict and tell Rachel that her idea was not a good one. We addressed it well and Rachel took it on bored. I believed that we all dealt with the conflict well because we were polite with the way that we said we did not think that Rachel's ideas were good. Rachel took this on-bored and then realised that her idea may not be as strong as others

5) HOW DID WE MONITER THE TASK? Throughout the task we worked as a team well but we did not...