The Learning Curve Theory

Topics: Learning curve, Learning, Experience curve effects Pages: 3 (900 words) Published: January 21, 2013
The Learning Curve Theory
Dennis Ferguson
University of Phoenix
Operations Management- OPS/571
December 11, 2012
Prof. Angel Melendez-Melendez

The Learning Curve Theory

The Mario’s pizza a process had been identify a series of elements that had to be change due to the fact that the business are in a serious situation regarding the high expenses of the entire process of pizza production. In order to make any change we as Mario’s relative have the responsibility of identify which is the process that the owner had been utilize during all those years and make the implement the necessary changes to make the business profitable. It is true that the pizzeria had been recognized for the customer during several decades, however Mario’s need to understand that time had been changes and the customer satisfaction it is the main element that we as a manager always have to take in consideration whenever a decision had to be made. The customer population that had be identify in the simulation it is four group people and they also receive two people group, for that reason I will make some changes in the tables and chairs at the begging provide more options for the two group people in this way I will maintain those costumer. Waiting lines it is one of the major concerns due to the fact that this situation is the one that most matter to the costumer and provoke the dissatisfaction, for that reason in order to reduce to the waiting line I will recommend that we make changes like implement more advance electronic register cashier in this way this element will change the percentage of mistaken order, in addition it will reduce the time that the cashier have to go and place the order in the restaurant kitchen. The service system it is one of the element that could be change in order to maximize the customer satisfaction and in the same time will reduce the waiting time of the customer, in order to realize this change I will recommend that we hire a new employee that be the...
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