The Last Song Compare/Contrast

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  • Published : October 1, 2012
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The Last Song, written by Nicholas Sparks, is the story of 18 year old Veronica “Ronnie” Miller’s reconnection with love and trust. Ronnie, a former piano prodigy who is angry at the world (and even angrier at her parents) after a divorce breaks up her family and sends her musician father packing to a small beach town. Years later, she remains distant from her parents, particularly Steve. She is so angry that she has abandoned the one thing that she and her father used to share in common, the piano. She spends the majority of her time defying her mother, shutting out her dad (she refuses to speak to him for three years), and developing some bad habits (namely shoplifting and clubbing). When Steve is diagnosed with terminal stomach cancer, he turns to his ex-wife, Kim, to help him reconnect with their children. Kim sends Ronnie and Jonah to North Carolina to spend the summer with their father, but at the request of Steve she does not tell the children that he will die soon. As with most cases, the book was so much better than the movie. The movie left out some of the best parts of the book.

In the book, when Ronnie and her brother are sent to spend the summer with their father in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina; however, the in the movie he lives in Georgia. The first night day there Ronnie, Jonah, and Steve all go to the fair, but Ronnie soon runs off to be on her own bribing Jonah to keep their dad occupied. The meeting of Will and Ronnie, when he literally bumped into her at the beach volleyball game, was the same in both the book and the movie. The movie however, left out the part after the fair when Ronnie finally comes home; Ronnie makes a big deal about her dad playing the piano which leads him to put plywood up around the piano so that Ronnie would not have to see it. Leaving this out of the movie took out how Steve would go to any length to make his daughter happy. In the movie, the relationships between Steve and the minister, Will and Scott, Kim...
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