Separate Peace Essay vs Movie

Topics: A Separate Peace, Difference, John Knowles Pages: 2 (535 words) Published: October 16, 2012
A Separate Peace: Movie vs. Novel

In comparing and contrasting the book A Separate Peace by John Knowles and the movie directed by Larry Peerce, I found both differences and similarities. Unlike most movie/book comparisons I found mostly comparisons. Don’t get me wrong, they are different but the main points are very similar. One of the biggest differences I noticed was that in the book A Separate Peace, Finny broke Devon’s School Record at Swimming. In the movie Finny breaks the record at pole vaulting. They are two totally different things. Also, Finny and Gene in the movie visted the beach during the day time unlike in the book it was dusk. Just like the book though, Gene did not go into the water with Finny. In the book, Blitzball is played in the field, but in the movie blitzball is played in the woods. There are many small differences like this, but again there really aren’t any huge differences. “Gene you are gifted and if I had that brain I would cut it open for people to see!” says Finny in the movie. In the book gene never really got the idea at first that Finny actually wanted him to succeed. He was always thinking that finny was envious and was trying to get him to fail. The incident where Finny falls from the tree, Finny and Gene are not the only ones there in the book, but in the movie it is just the two of them. It takes Gene a while after he jousts the tree limb to do something about Finny in pain at the bottom of the tree. In the book he is right there to help. “I jousted the limb; I caused it “gene says to Finny in the movie. In the novel, Gene never admits to doing it on purpose because of jealousy. Just like in the book, Gene tries on Finny’s clothes. He does this so that he can see what it is like to be Finny. He wants to be Finny. Both the novel and the movie have the meetings in the Butt Room. In the movie, Gene doesn’t deny that he is going to enlist in the war, unlike in the book he does when the topic...
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