The Outsider Book and Movie Differences

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The Outsider book and movie differences
The Outsiders book and movie are similar to eachother. The movie basically takes everything straight from the book, but movie leaves out a couple scenes and many other important things.
The way the characters were described and the relationships between them was off in the movie. In the book Dally and Soda were blonds, but in the movie all the greasers were brunettes. You don't get to know the characters very well in the movie and the tention between Darry and Ponyboy are only slightly suggested. Also, in the book, the greasers are always swearing, but in the movie, they hardly swear at all. The change in the movie kinda ruins how you get to know the characters.

A couple scenes were added/taken out of the book. Like when towards the begninning of the movie there was this fight at a gas station between these random people. I think this was added to show what life around there was like on a daily basis. Basically they were saying that fighting was a norm around there. Another scene that was added in the movie was when Ponyboy and Johnny were at the church in Windrixville, Ponyboy is afraid of a raccoon outside of the church and he calls it a monster. I think they added this to show the boy's true innocence dispite all the things that were going on. One scene that was taken out in the movie was the conversation between Darry and Ponyboy about Sodapop basically dumped by his girlfriend. I'm not exactly sure why they didn't put this in the movie, but I think that if they had put it in, us viewers would be more likely to understand who Soda is as a character.

The last difference that I'm going to talk about is the themes, or main points, of the book versus the movie. The book was mainly about the hardships that people go through and about the fixing gaps between the rich and the poor. The book expressed the characters emotions and feelings, and the tone is melodramatic and a bit sad. In the movie, however, I don't even...
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