The Lagoon

Topics: Joseph Conrad, Short story, Fiction Pages: 3 (993 words) Published: January 27, 2009
Dan Walsh

Joseph Conrad “The Lagoon”

One of the finest stylists of modern English literature was Joseph Conrad, a Polish-born English novelist, short story writer, essayist, dramatist, and autobiographer. Conrad was born on December 3rd 1857 in a Russian-ruled Province of Poland. According to Jocelyn Baines, a literary critic, "Conrad was exiled with his parents to northern Russia in 1863 following his parent’s participation in the Polish independence movement". His parents' health rapidly deteriorated in Russia, and after their deaths in 1868, Conrad lived in the homes of relatives, where he was often ill and received inconsistent schooling. Conrad's birth-given name was Jozef Tedor Konrad Valecz Korzeniowski, however, his name was legally changed. On August 3rd 1924 Conrad died of a heart attack, in Bishopsbourne Kent, England. With such an innovative style, Joseph Conrad was perhaps one of Britain's most remarkable authors of modern English literature. Throughout Conrad's career, his works have become influential as well as remarkable. "Conrad's novels are complex moral and psychological examinations of ambiguous nature of good and evil". Conrad's characters are repeatedly forced to acknowledge their own failures and the weakness of their ideals against all forms of corruption. The most honorable characters are those who realize their fallibility but still struggle to up hold the dictates of conscience. Early in life, Conrad pursued a career as a seaman, sailing to Martinique and the West Indies. In 1894, he began a career as a writer, basing much of his work on his experience as a seaman. Throughout his career, "Conrad examined the impossibility of living by a traditional code of conduct". Conrad's work failure is a fact of human existence, and every ideal contains the possibilities for its own conniption. (Boyle 34). Most of Conrad's greatest works take place on a ship or in the backwaters of civilization. After reading Conrad's...
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