The Weir

Topics: Theatre, Character, Actor Pages: 1 (341 words) Published: May 3, 2013
From Paperback to Becoming live Art

The Weir was interesting and different than most theater productions I have seen, I personally felt the script was rather boring but with help from the designs the show came alive on stage. The style of the play was laid back which made it seem like the characters were relaxed, I agree with this style because it was more welcoming for the audience to become part of the play. The story line of the play can resonate with most people; being in a comforting place and sharing stories and gossip is a common activity among me and many other students.

In The Weir the most important design is lighting it brings the stage, characters and audience alive, which needs to accomplish when using a singular small set. Due to The Weir being a single act and set show it is hard for the director to give the audience all of the necessary information. Lighting at a show is very important because it sets up the theme and look of the play. Lighting can change the color of an actor’s clothes, and give emotion to the cast and set. Lighting was so important during The Weir because the set needed to be outlined and the lights helped set differentiate the actors and the bar. The lighting set up a window in the front of the stage which allowed the audience to understand where the end of the bar was and allowed actors to situate them around the window. This gave actors an activity and place to go to get out of the main stage area which needed to happen because the stage was moderately small. Lighting design is one of the more difficult parts because it is intertwined with the rest of the production and it has hundreds of bulbs it is responsible for. If one bulb goes out it is a big production to fix it and if the color is slightly off it can change the audience prospective on the show or character.
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