The Sea

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  • Published : April 10, 2013
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A Place Where the sea Remembers is a book written by the author Sandra Benitez. The story takes place in a small town in Santiago, Mexico. Candelario (the salad maker), Marta (the 16 year old that’s pregnant), Fulgencio (the photographer that loses all of his equipment are all characters that go through hardships and unfairness. The conflicts this essay will have are person vs person because the characters that I will be describing are having problems with other characters. The first conflict will be person vs person where Candelario works at a restaurant owned by Don Gustavo who shows Candelario on how to make a perfect ceaser salad. A doctor and his wife come to the restaurant and both order a ceaser salad but the customers were not pleased with the salad and Don Gustavo fires Candelario that night. However Candelario did his best at making the salad but Don Gustavo was not pleased. The second conflict will be person vs self where Marta is a Recamarera who got raped at a very young age and now she’s pregnant and want’s to abort. The abortion cost 20,000 pesos which she does not have. So Marta goes to Remedios who is (La curandera) for advice and Remedios tells her to go to el Paso, Texas so that everyone in the town would stop talking bad about her since she’s pregnant at a young age.

The third conflict will be person vs self because Fulgencio tries to hitch hike a ride to town and is very terrified because he doesn’t know anybody There. Fulgencio was carrying his expensive equipment which he was afraid to lose. Fulgencio finally gets a ride where he is so paranoid thinking the guy is going to kill him so he grabs a machete and the guy notices him and ends up kicking him out of the car and ends up losing all of his expensive equipment .
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