The Kyoto Protocol

Topics: Greenhouse gas, Carbon dioxide, Kyoto Protocol Pages: 2 (488 words) Published: January 30, 2013
The Kyoto Protocol was created to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that are supposedly affecting Earth’s climate change. The protocol calls for a five percent reduction of emissions by 2012 from what they were in 1990. Canada was given a goal of six percent by 2012, and a seventeen percent reduction by 2020 (Kyoto and Beyond). The six traces of gas blamed for global warming only make up one percent of the Earth’s atmosphere. Is one percent really going to make a difference in the Earth’s changing climate, and is it drastic enough to enforce something like the Kyoto Protocol? The real question is whether or not the Protocol would benefit Canada. The Kyoto Protocol does not benefit Canada because it is unfair, too costly, and now that the United States has withdrawn from the agreement, it can only be bad news for Canada.

The Kyoto Protocol does not treat every country fairly. Canada has more to lose with the Protocol than other countries, and they should all be treated in the same way. Some of the world’s largest polluters, such as China and India, are exempt from “round one” of the Protocol because they are seen as developing countries with more important issues to deal with (Climate Change Plan..). Secondly, Kyoto allows some industrialized countries, such as Russia and New Zealand, to make no cuts, and even permits some places, like Iceland, to emit more greenhouse gasses (Kyoto Protocol FAQs). The protocol will be unsuccessful and ineffective if every country is not on board. Finally, Canada will need to provide developing countries with funding to help them reach their reduction goals. This funding could cost up to thirty billion US dollars for the 2010-2012 periods. Many other countries are not giving any funding at all (Kyoto and Beyond). Every country that is signed on to the Kyoto agreement should be treated equally, and there should be no exceptions.

The Kyoto Protocol is an extremely expensive project for Canada to take...
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