Legal and Political Issues in Apec

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Political and Legal Factors(APEC)
APEC consists of a combination of numerous different high powered governments, structured through power and based on an idealistic belief system. APEC has a political environment that has been important for the trading between the member countries; likewise with similar issues such as Cooperate Social Responsibility (CSR) and in relation environmental issues. APEC’s political aspect not only created but administrates the guidelines in trading standards and how trading should be operated. According to John McKay report (2004) APEC consists of 21 nations, 40% of the world’s population and 54% of the global output APEC’s many diverse nations create a unique problem in that each government has different views on similar issues. Some of the different member countries and their governments are strong high powered governments relative to influence many other countries. The governments are not all democratic; there is also a difference in how the relationship between the trading market and the State of the different contributing countries. Since the different member countries in APEC are as different as they are, it is vitally important that the political side of APEC is strong in connection with each other. A prime example of contrasting governments is China and the United States. The Kyoto agreement in particular has been an issue of controversy with APEC’s leaders debating and agreeing on issues such as energy efficiency targets for the future. China as a state has a wide control over the market in China, but to compare, The United States who has an entirely different approach to how the market would best function. These differences have been subject to problems that needed to be approached discussed and derived to compromised conclusion in order to achieve the final mission and goal of APEC, which is free trade and growth between the member countries. The fight against protectionism has also been relevant. There can be no growth...
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