The Key Aspects of Project and Research Activities

Topics: Design Pages: 3 (736 words) Published: March 21, 2013
Summarises key aspects of the:
1- project, research activities undertaken
2- ideal generation activities
3- decisions made
4- development stages
5- prototyping
6- final proposal (a summary of the group based presentation) …

1. Topic choose:

2.1 Which topic we choose:
We choose “the most handmade elements in an art-work” as our topic. 2.2 Why/how to choose this topic:

a) Find something we all interested
b) We can easy to control (familiar)-and think about as a designer what kinds of things that we can do in the project. Practice, integrate the module we have learned. c) easy to rise target people’s interests

d) positive outcomes (value for society)

2.3 What the key design management knowledge we want to use and practice in this project:

A. Design research — gather the relevant resources to analysis the background, current situation and future trend of the project. Based on which, to find out the existing gaps and opportunities, so that to position the project more properly. B. Design management — how to organize a team to achieve the goal. E.g. time management, communication skill, teamwork etc. C. Design in business —

(a) In strategic level: refine core value, target the audiences;
(b) In tactical level: choose and develop the strategy of spread the information of the event and gather enough people to involve in, gain financial outcome…etc. D. Design manifestation in visual way —

(a) How to make the strategic planning more tangible using visual communication in the way of gathering people. (b) How to using visual as a tool to introduce the project more easily in the presentation. E. Design brief — how to present the project in a clear and easy way.

2.4 Challenge/difficulty of the topic:
(a) This is the second time to using design research skill to go through a whole project (b) To use different language to communicate with members...
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