The Influences of Music

Topics: Rock music, Heavy metal music, Bass guitar Pages: 2 (750 words) Published: February 27, 2013
According to social statistics (n.d.), 52.17 percent of people listen to music every day and 26.63 percent of people listen to music almost every day. It implies that music plays a vital role in society. Due to human’s creations, such as televisions and radios, which make music be heard more easily. Unsurprisingly, it becomes a huge part of people’s lives. It has a connotation in itself. Therefore, this essay will illustrate that music can influence people in various ways: feelings, thoughts and behaviors.

Feelings can be affected by music. For me, rock songs, such as Know Your Enemy by Green day, makes me feel uncomfortable and upset due to its heavy, loud, and fast beat. Besides, according to North, Tarrant, and Hargreaves(2004), listeners who listen to a nonviolent rock song will have lower levels of opposed feelings than listeners who listen to a rock song with aggressive lyrics. Conversely, when I am upset or angry, a pop music, like Live High by Jason Mraz, can change my mood completely. Its smooth voice and soft tone fit perfectly together. And it has such a huge impact on me; it gives me a chill feeling which can help me feel better and get rid of such things. Furthermore, the lyrics of some song can make me smile unexpectedly, such as Happy by Mocca. The song says “Don't You Give up, Keep Your Chin up, And Be Happy”. It expresses that no matter what happens, just stay strong and be happy. It is such a lovely phrase that can instantly turn my whole world upside down. Music has an impact on thoughts. Muchet (2010) said that a study of 121 Midwestern high school students’ music preference pointed out that 75 percent of girls who like listening to heavy metal music have thought about suicide compared with 35 percent of girls who like listening to other kinds of music. Plus, almost 50 percent of boys who favor heavy metal have considered suicide compared to others who like listening to non-metal music. On the other hands, music can have a positive benefit...
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